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This serum aids in lightening of hyperpigmentation, reduction wrinkles, and gives a lifting effect for all skin.


Reduction of melanin formation (hyperpigmentation), antioxidative activity and significant lightening effects. 

Luminous Peptide Serum

  • Red Marine Algae (Ahnfelita Conccina Extract) – increases skin hydration significantly with enzymes and mineral naturally found in this algae extract, which is indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands. 

    Sodium Hyaluronate – Holds up to a thousand times its weight in moisture retention properties. 

    Lightening ingredients to even out skin tone:

    Bearberry Extract (Uva Ursi Extract)

    Licorice Extract and Daisy Extract Antioxidants 


    Vitamins C & E

    Green Tea Extract, fight free radicals that damage skin causing anti aging effects. 

    Acetyl Hexapeptide -3 (Argireline) – Topical Botox which relaxes the muscles that cause deep wrinkles around the forehead.

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